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Algebra formulas

Algebra Formulas

In mathematics, Algebra is of the main parts of it. Algebra working with variables and numbers. Algebra is working with lots of formulas that relate two or more variables and numbers with each other. What is Formula? A relationship between several variables can be expressed as a formula. The value of any variable of a …

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multiplying three fractions

Multiplying Three Fractions

In this lesson, we are going to learn how to multiplying three fractions.We have discussed how to multiply fractions from basics in another lesson. You can visit the following link to view the previous lesson.How to Multiply Fractions Multiplying Three Fractions Multiplying three fractions seems a little more complicated than multiplying two fractions. But the …

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Matrices are, rectangular block of numbers arranged in to rows and columns. For example, There are some unique terms that we should know when we are dealing with matrices. Dimensions of Matrix When we consider the above example it has two rows and three columns. So, the dimensions of matrix A is 2 x 3 …

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